ELEHYD euro-Series Cnc Synchro Press Brake
  • Ergonomic user friendly Pendant & Mobile Control Operating Console with Cybelec / Delen CNC Operating System
  • High quality and repetitive bending is obtained by using of Hydro-Electrical Technique with Synchronized Working Cylinders 1.72 Serve Valves, these will give you the best bending result with its perfect repeatability ratio.
  • CNC Operated Analog Dynamic & Fast Servo Controlled Precision Backgauge system with strong construction ensures an efficient operation for X, R&Z-Ants with Servo Motor HIWIN OR equivalent Ball Screws & Linear Guide System with an accuracy of 0.01
  • Synchronization control of Y1+12 axis provided by linear encoders within 0.01 mm tolerances.
  • CNC Motorized Crowning System can automatically control the table deflection compensation yielding uniform length of all work piece angles, that communicates with the CNC Controller, performs crowning automatically and ensuring that the bended parts at every paint and at equal bend angles.
  • SIDDHAPURA / IMPORTED Top and Bottom Tool are long lasting stiffened and provide precise bending.
  • Quick Release Promecan type Top Tool Clamping System which provides easy to change fastest quick tool change operationally by single lever  operated.
  • Sliding Front Sheet Support Arms with the help of linear guide rail and bearing.
  • BOSCH-REXROTH / HAME servo hydraulic system with proportional valve & Silent high pressure pump
  • Covers for Cylinders. Tap Beam & Side Guards.
  • All SIDHAPURA machines are designed using 20 & 30 programming and made with enhanced    high tensile 152002 quality steel with the latest high-frequency with  modern aesthetic concept responding hydraulic control technology
  • Front Cylinders design with PU imported Seals.
  • Cylinders are machined with 0.001 mm precision and pistons are especially hard chrome.
  • Electrical Panel with cooling system designed to meet CE standards
  • 6Axis Backgauge 1,x2,  R1, R2,21,22
  • Cybelec / Delem delegated 2D & 3D controller with offilne software available on request
  • Throat Depth <=400 mm
  • Day Lights <=560 mm
  • Strobe Length <= 375 mm
  • Bending Length <=6200 mm
  • High Speed (Rapid/Working/Return Speeds)

Single : Length – 3100 to 6200 mm | Capacity – 110 to 150 Ton
Tandem : Length – 4000 to 12400 mm | Capacity – 150 to 900 Ton