“SIDDHAPURA” New Look 3015/4015/4020/6025/8040 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine with a single working table is a cost-effective, low prices and efficient tool for cutting metal sheets with high precision. This machine is designed to cut metal sheets and optional feature can cut metal tubes also. It comes with power options ranging from 1 kW to 6 kW, allowing for a choice of cutting speed and thickness. Metal laser cutting machine’s high precision ensures a high-quality finished product with minimal wastage. With its compact design, this machine is also space efficient, making it a great addition to small and medium-sized workshops. Open Type Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine with a single working table is the most cost-effective solution for cutting metal sheets with high precision. Its simple operation, high precision, and flexibility make it a valuable tool for a variety of metalworking projects.


Model No. S3015S4015S4020S6025S8040
Cutting Range3000*15004000*15004000*20006000*25008000*3000
X – Axis30004000400060008000
Y – Axis15001500200025003000
Z – Axis150150150150150
Laser TypeFiber Laser
Laser Power Source 700 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000 / 10000 W
CNC SystemJPT / CYPCut / ESA
Focusing ModeAuto Focus
Production PierceCarbon Steel / MS Plate: 0.5-22mm
Stainless Steel Plate: 0.5-12mm
Aluminium Plate: 0.5-12mm
(the cutting thickness is related to the laser power source)
SoftwareWeihong / CYPCut / CPYNest*
Transmission SystemGantry Double Drive Structure
Positioning Accuracy±0.01mm/1000mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/1000mm
Traverse SpeedUp to 60-150m/min. Depending On Model Selected
Electrical ComponentsSchneider
Laser Cutting HeadRayTools BM111 (Switzerland)
Servo Motor/Servo DriveMitsubishi (Japan)
MotoreducerSHIMPO (Japan)
X & Y-Axis RackGumgang (Taiwan)
Liner GuideHIWIN (Taiwan)
Max. Acceleration1.0G 
Rapid Traverse (X and Y Axis)105 m/min
Pneumatics Mind Man (Taiwan)
Gas Pressure Control SystemSMC (Japan)
Cooling MachineS&A CW-6200 (China)
Power Supply3Ø / 415V / 50/60Hz or As Required




The Plate Welding Heavy Machine Bed is a sturdy and durable option for heavy machining operations. Its high impact resistance performance, along with good integrity, rigidity, and toughness, ensures its ability to withstand the pressure and stress of heavy usage.

 The machine bed is integrated with a sheet production line, facilitating efficient production of large sheets with precision and accuracy. With various working size options available, the machine bed can accommodate different types and sizes of machining operations, making it a valuable addition to manufacturing industries of all scales.


The Cypcut Laser Cutting System is an advanced cutting system that is designed to be easy to use and control with its user-friendly interface. It is simple, economical, practical, and convenient, reducing complexity and streamlining the cutting process. The system is highly integrated and intelligent, with file reading, design, output, and processing control all in one place. The Cypcut Laser Cutting System ensures clean and precise cuts every time, making it a top choice for manufacturing businesses looking to improve their cutting process and overall productivity.


It adopts the low-pressure steel film casting process, so the crossbeam has the characteristics of high density, high rigidity and light weight, which can obtain higher dynamic response and improve processing efficiency.


Precision reform and efficient transmission are key to achieving excellent performance, stability, and precision. By using high-quality materials, designing for precision, implementing proper maintenance, and controlling the operating environment, the machine can achieve greatly improved stability and guaranteed performance. Efficient transmission is also essential, and selecting the right transmission components and ensuring proper maintenance can improve power transmission while reducing friction. Overall, following these measures can help prolong the machine’s service life and make it a valuable asset in any manufacturing environment.